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Access to Off Market Properties - KRG Has Them

Any website that has an MLS feed will deliver all listed properties, and for most agents and brokers the only thing additional they can offer you beyond that is sharing confidential listing remarks and varying degrees of market knowledge.

Any agent or broker can offer that, but what many buyers don’t know is there is an ever-growing number of properties that get bought and sold without ever being listed on the MLS. If you don’t have access to those properties you are missing out on a lot of opportunities:

  • As members of the Top Agent Network, a private, by invitation only online forum for only the very top agents and brokers, we not only have access to hundreds of upcoming and off-market properties, but can communicate buyer needs to connect with sellers that have properties that fit. (Broker Lance King was selected to be on the cover of Top Agent Magazine for Northern California, one of the industry’s highest honors. - (
  • This gives our buyers a huge edge over most other buyers in the marketplace, and opportunities to make offers in a non-competitive environment. And because our agents and brokers are among the most respected in the industry, other agents love seeing our buyers. We have made tons of deals this way both for buyers and sellers.
  • Because of our reputation many agents who don’t belong to the Top Agent Network routinely advise us of off-market opportunities, giving our buyers even more options.

In a competitive buyers’ market, you simply cannot afford to miss out on these opportunities. Call or email Broker Lance King today for more information - 415.722.5549 or

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