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Better Price

For Sellers: We only charge 2% for our end to list owner occupied or vacant properties, instead of 2.5 – 3% like other companies do. That saves you thousands on commissions, as much as a third less than other firms, all while still offering you the best service available from our team of seasoned professionals.

For TICs, 2-4 unit buildings, and tenant occupied properties we charge a ¼ - ½ point premium over our normal rates because it’s a lot of extra work. For 5+ unit buildings we will negotiate a great rate based on building particulars. Note: Our minimum fee for any listing is $7500

For Buyers: in addition to a team of pros handling everything from start to finish and working to get you the best deal possible on the right property for you, we give every buyer client as much as a *10% rebate of our commission once the transaction is complete.

* Some restrictions apply, please contact us or your agent for details.

Some people try to label us as a discount firm because of our rates, hoping you will believe somehow that means lesser service. It doesn’t. What it means is that we charge what we think is fair irrespective of what other companies do, assuring you get great service and a great deal.

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