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Dear San Francisco Homeowners, NOW Is The Time To Sell.

March 2012

If you own a single family home in San Francisco, for a long time you have been subject to the machinations and peccadilloes of buyers as they were firmly in the driver's seat. Not any longer.

If you have a home in any of the desirable areas, and that doesn't mean only high-end neighborhoods, prepare it properly, have the right marketing plan, hire the right agent/broker, and price it correctly, and you will likely have multiple, over ask offers in a very short period of time.

Why is this? My view is that many homeowners tried to sell when buyers were sitting on the sidelines or making lowball offers and gave up or don't understand how lack of inventory is cranking up demand. Or they bought when things were crazy in 2005-2006 and think they can't sell at a price that will get them out without writing a check. There is a LOT of money coming in to this city and these folks want to buy. The number of all cash deals we've seen over the last 6 months is unbelievable.

While condos remain spotty depending upon area and price point, most homes are flying off the shelves unless they have serious issues or badly priced/marketed. With the global nature of economics we are often one major financial disaster away from things turning on a dime. Take advantage while you have the chance.

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