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Buying Single Family Homes in San Francisco

A single family home is not only likely one of the biggest purchases/decisions of your life, but there are many factors to consider before Buying a Single Family Home. Below are a few of the many things to consider before purchasing, but Contact us for a complete analysis of any home you are thinking about buying:

    • Recurring Costs: Many buyers think that because there are no monthly HOA fees (there is a small percentage of single family homes that are subject to an HOA. If you are considering such a home please see HOA Docs Review) associated with homes that the cost savings of HOA fees will balance out in the long run. The difference is not as great as it might appear, because things like garbage, water, and building insurance are part of condo/loft/tic HOA dues, and with single family homes in San Francisco the homeowner pays 100% of those costs.
    • Repairs/Reserve Funds: Unlike condos, the owner pays 100% of all repairs as well. So if that house needs a new roof, the homeowner will be responsible for paying for the new roof. When buying a home in San Francisco, make sure you have enough funds in reserve after making the purchase to fund any unexpected costs. One thing you can count on unless the home is new is that there will be unexpected costs for repairs or system upgrades.
    • Inspections: Although having inspections is always a good idea, it is particularly important for single family homes because all costs or repairs are borne by the homeowner. While inspectors don’t have x-ray vision, there are things that can indicate plumbing, electrical, structural, or other system problems that are extremely important to know before closing on the purchase.
    • Financing: There are many options for lenders, but rates aside, does it really matter who does the loan? The answer is yes, it does. In fact, it can make the difference between getting an offer accepted or rejected. Although single family home transactions are much simpler than condos or TICS, if you choose a lender with a reputation for making promises they can’t deliver, your offer is dead in the water. We have carefully vetted our recommended lenders to make sure that our clients not only get the best rates, but promises and timelines are met as well, and because we sent you you’ll always get VIP treatment.
    • Long Term Use: While a home you are looking at may fulfill your needs for size, you should consider any potential life changes that could increase your need for space such as a child or more children, older family members moving in, etc...
    • Schools: Are the public schools in your area ones you would be willing to send your child to? If not, private schools can add a lot of drive time and could impact how much how you can afford because they are very expensive.

Whether buying a single family home, condo, loft, TIC, or investment property, we will make sure that the process is as seamless and stress free as possible, you are fully informed about what you are buying so there are no surprises later, and will negotiate the best price possible.

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