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Out of Area/International Clients

Finally, the decision has been made, you’re moving to the San Francisco area. Now what? We have worked with innumerable buyers who live out of state or out of country, and having a team of seasoned pros who get what you need to purchase here makes the whole process smoother and less stressful. Here are just a few of the benefits of using King Realty to buy from afar:

  • Team Approach: Out of area buyers generally need a lot more time with their agent/broker when they’re here because they have limited time. Our team approach allows our agents/brokers to allot larger blocks of time with out of area clients to make sure they see everything they want to.
  • City Tours:Many buyers who live elsewhere, making the purchase decision even more difficult. San Francisco has many diverse neighborhoods, and choosing which one you want to live in if you don’t know the city is an almost impossible task. As part of getting you into to see properties you’re interested in we’ll get you familiar with the city in the process. In many cases it makes sense to rent first so you can get to know the city over time before buying. Even if you’re going to rent first, we’ll still help you get up to speed on the various areas so you can rent in the optimal neighborhood. Then, when you’re ready to buy we’ll find something for you in that neighborhood or a different one if that’s what you’re determined works best.
  • Previewing Properties: While reviewing properties online can help you get a handle on the market, you’ll never know if a specific property works or not without seeing it first. Because coming to San Francisco to look at potential properties can be difficult and/or expensive, we’ll preview any properties you may be interested in to determine if it will actually work for you. This saves you tons of time, aggravation, and money.
  • Knowledge on How to Close Escrow from Afar: Because we have worked with clients in many countries, if you can’t be here to sign paperwork and close escrow we know what it takes to get it done from afar.

Whether you live in the next state or across the world, the pros at King Realty Group know exactly what you need to make this as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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