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Selling Single Family Homes with King Realty

Since single family homes are one of the most sought after (and expensive residential properties, who you trust with your investment has huge ramifications. Marketing and real estate expertise aside, here are some of the things your representative should know before going to market:

  • Buyer profile: In short, who is your target buyer. Most likely it's a family, but depending on the size and location of the house it may not be. Knowing who your buyer is will drive your marketing effort and will draw more likely buyers to the property.
  • Staging: This is driven by the buyer profile. If a family is the most likely buyer, stage it for people with children as this is decidedly different than a professional couple who want a home. For those on limited budgets we can save you a lot of money by working with furniture rental companies and we've done so many times with great success.
  • Schools: Since schools are a huge concern for families and often the driving force behind buying a home to begin with, your KRG agent/broker will know everything about both public and private schools in the area before going to market. 
  • Inspections: Because the cost of all repairs or upgrades fall solely upon the homeowner, having pre-sale inspections is extremely an extremely important part of any marketing program. You should have contractor and pest inspections for sure, and if there are or appear to be issues with the roof, foundation, or any other component it's best to have these inspections before going to market as well. By offering these reports to buyers before they make an offer you not only insure a more informed offer, but will avoid demands for credits or price reductions that often ensue if inspections are done after going to market, and often inspire offers without inspection contingencies. 

Our team of experts knows what it takes to get your home ready for sale and get the most out of the property, and we'll handle everything from beginning to end, making the process as seamless and stress-free as possible. 

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