Adina Keller

BRE# 02005678

Adina is a San Francisco native and grew up with Real Estate - her family owned several properties within the city, both residential and commercial, piquing her interest at an early age. Choosing to pursue her Real Estate career, she spoke with several firms across the city to find her new business home.

“I treat my clients the way I would want to be treated – with honesty, straightforwardness, and patience. Home buying and selling is complicated, and the client should always feel that their agent has their best interests in mind. It was really important that the firm I chose shared those beliefs."

After speaking with several firms across San Francisco, Adina made her interest in Real Estate known to Lance King - the owner of King Realty Group – while at a school event for their children. Lance invited her to come by his office for a more in-depth conversation, and even though she already knew she had found a good fit the subsequent meeting solidified her decision.

She signed on to work with King Realty Group in 2017 and has continued to win over clients and agents with her thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and overall approach. Adina looks forward to growing as an agent and knows that with Lance’s guidance, her real estate career will continue to evolve.

“I heard lots of complaints from other agents about how hard it was to ramp up. With Lance as my mentor he brought me in transactions very early so I could earn while I learned, knowing one of the best had my back. I’m so glad I chose King Realty."