About King Realty Group

Ninja Warriors? Yes, it's tongue in cheek, but we're also serious. A Ninja is highly trained, at the top of their game, and no one messes with them. That's how we do Real Estate.

For far too many people buying or selling Real Estate is often a daunting, stressful, and unpleasant experience. Choose unwisely who represents you and it can cost you a lot of money, too. Watch our video testimonials or Read our Reviews, and the message comes through loud and clear: our clients trust us, they’re thrilled with the results, and we’re even fun to work with, too.

“Our goal with every client is the same. When we’re done you will be so thrilled with the results that you tell everyone you know they’re crazy if they don’t hire us.”

Although we are a boutique firm our market share and presence is huge because we work just as hard to impress other agents as we do our clients. That’s why other agents love seeing our listings and we get a crazy high percentage of our offers accepted, often when we aren't even the highest price.

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Boutique vs The Big Box Firms

Talk to an agent at one of the big companies and they’ll gush about why working with a big company is so much better. I guess they have to, but the reality is very different.

Real Estate brokerages are different from other companies, because they are comprised of independent contractors working for themselves under the umbrella of the brokerage vs salaried employees. It often creates an every man/woman for themselves environment, and that’s just not in your best interests.

For example, you normally work with one agent at one of those firms, so the fact that they have 200 agents doesn’t help you at all - In those environments agents don’t want to ask for help because it costs them money. That means if they are sick, or busy, or traveling, whether buyer or seller you will have missed opportunities.

“There is a myth that working with a larger company is better just because it's bigger. The truth is the opposite. With most of the bigger companies you're just another client. With KRG you're a new family member.”

Here are just a few reasons why boutique is better:

  1. Our agents & brokers truly work as a team, so when someone needs help they get it. That means no buyer misses a viewing and no seller misses a showing. Not hard to see how that’s better for you.
  2. Because we’re leaner and meaner, we can react to changing market conditions faster.
  3. You’re more important to the bottom line. With a big company you’re just another deal. With us you’re a new addition to the family.
  4. Scope of Service – if you’re looking in multiple areas with other companies you have to deal with multiple agents who likely have no relationship other than they have the same company name on their business cards. With KRG you can look seamlessly in San Francisco, the East Bay, Marin, & the Peninsula with the same people. Not only is it better logistically, but when working with different agents in different areas you have to start worrying about their advice since they only get paid if you buy in their area.

And there’s so many more…

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Meet the KRG Team

Welcome to the KRG Family. Our Broker not only has more than 20 years’ experience in the Real Estate business, but as founder of three successful companies in the Real Estate and construction fields he brings a skillset that is unparalleled in the industry. Each of our Associates were handpicked for their talents and integrity as future stars, thoroughly trained and mentored prior to ever talking to a client, and that process continues throughout their career. Whether buyer or seller, that combination of talent and training brings you the smoothest, stress-free experience possible.

Lance King

Founder / Managing Broker


Sierra Sanders

Sales Manager


Adina Keller

Realtor Associate


Ellen Jones

Realtor Associate


Elliot Engel

Realtor Associate


Jake Angelo

Realtor Associate


Venisa Portillo

Realtor Associate


KRG Culture

The culture of our company is different from others, and it has been from the very beginning. Time and again we have buyer clients change to KRG and other people’s former buyer clients hire us to sell because of these simple principles of doing business:

We always put client interests first:

You’ll notice the reality of this right away, whether it’s advising you to wait to buy or sell or talking you out of a property because it has issues. We think it’s important for our clients to get the right property, not to get them into contract as fast as possible, and to sell at the right time with the right prep to maximize return.

“Other companies hire agents because they have a license and can potentially increase their bottom line. We hire people because they believe in our business model and our culture and want to be part of a team.”

Team approach:

  1. Sellers - Everyone gets rewarded when a property sells, so everyone is focused on one thing – selling your property for the most money possible. That means no show requests ever get missed, and no newbie agents whose only concern is getting new buyer clients are presenting your home.
  2. Buyers - As busy as people are and as quickly as things move in today’s market, the one-agent or even two-agent model just doesn’t work anymore. With KRG there is always a team member available to get you into a property or anything else you need, so you will never miss out on something because your agent/broker is busy, sick, or out of town.

The perfect blend of old-school ethics with the latest tech:

Yes, you can have both, and a quick tour with one of our associates and a test drive on our website will prove it.