We Treat Your Purchase Like It's Ours 

You’ll notice something different about working with us right away. The first thing we do on every tour is point out potential issues, because we believe if you can’t get past what’s wrong it doesn’t matter what’s right. Trust is everything in Real Estate.


How Do I Get Access to Off-Market Properties?

Access to Off-Market Properties

More and more properties are being sold off-market these days, and most agents/brokers don’t have access to them. As one of the very top producing Brokers in our service areas we do have this access, giving you a huge advantage over other buyers and opportunities to see places you normally wouldn’t see.


Latest Tech. Smarter Search.

Our property search is customized for each area, making it more likely you will see places you are interested in. And we added in other cool tech components no one else considered. Intelligent map search, additional search filters most others don't have, broad market data you need to make smart decisions updated every day, school info, yelp/walkscore integration, and that's just for starters. Try it Now


A Reputation That Gets Offers Accepted

Listing agents prefer to work with agents/brokers who are professional, transparent, easy to deal with, and whose buyers are fully informed and ready to move forward. That’s why we routinely get our buyers’ offers accepted over others, many times when not even the highest price.


The Real Estate Insider for Buyers

All the questions you want answered and critical inside information you need to make the good decisions about your purchase or sale from one of the most respected teams in the industry.

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Can I Compete With Cash Offers If I Need a Loan

How do I Start the Buying Process

Buyer Testimonials

Straight Talk from Real Clients About Why it's So Easy to Work with KRG.

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Buyer Consultation

Knowing how to get started and understanding the process is the best way to insure a great result.


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How to Get Started:

This market is really complicated, so even if you’ve bought before you need to make some smart decisions about who represents you to avoid problem properties or losing out to other buyers…

Choosing the Right Lender

Different lenders have different processes, and if you are buying a condo or multi-unit building it’s even more complicated. Choosing wrong can cost you offer acceptance or a lot of money…

Search Smart

All the major search engines have flaws, which means you are likely missing out on properties you might want. Now you can be sure of seeing everything and we can also give you access to off market places you won't see on the big search engine websites.


Explore San Francisco and Bay Area Neighborhoods

Comprehensive neighborhood guides to San Francisco and all the surrounding Bay Area communities that we serve. Our interactive map allows you to click on specific neighborhoods to explore current and sold data market statistics, demographics, view active listings, and much more.

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