You Think You're Ready to Buy - Now What?

So you decided you’re ready to Buy. Now What?

It can be very daunting beginning the process, particularly if this is your first time. We know exactly what to do and how to make this as smooth and seamless as possible.

Here are your first three steps:

Choose the right Broker: this is one of the single most important choices you will make, and many don’t give much thought to it because the seller pays buyer broker commissions. Working with KRG can help you avoid problem properties, avoid overpaying, and potentially save you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. See our video on how to choose your broker.

“Whether you’re a first time buyer or have purchased before, this market can be very stressful. One of the things we’re most proud of is how many of our clients talk about how all their friends complained about the process and it seemed so easy with us."

Select the Right Lender: Many buyers think it doesn’t matter who the lender is, and that couldn’t be more inaccurate. Choosing a lender who works in the market you are buying in and has a reputation for performance can make the difference between offer accepted and offer rejected. We work with a select group of lenders for all price points and financial profiles who are well known for excellence. Click here on how to choose the right lender. (this goes to that video – I have yet to do it)

Search Smartly: This might not seem like a big issue with so many search engines. Not true. A little known secret is that some Agents don’t syndicate their listings to 3rd party websites, which means you may be missing out on things If you’re not dialed in properly. And if you don’t have access to off-market properties you are at a huge disadvantage – Click here on how to get access to off-market properties. (this goes to that video)

One of the best things about working with KRG is that we’re not only really good at what we do and look out for Clients first, but we make sure you have fun doing it, too.


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