We Treat Your Property Like It’s Ours

Lots of companies lay claim to high touch service but fail miserably on delivery. Read our reviews, talk to former clients, or listen to what other agents says about, and the message comes through loud and clear – we’re really good at what we do and take very good care of our clients.


How does the top agent network bring more buyers

Our Local Connections Bring More Buyers

As one of the top-producing Brokers in our service areas we have local connections most others don’t. This allows us to let all the other top agents in the market know about your property well in advance, creating buzz, broader marketing impact, and potentially huge pre-emptive offers.


State of the Art Marketing

Our Marketing plans are hand-crafted for each client from over 30 years in Real Estate, Sales, & Marketing experience. With so many buyers not working with agents until the last minute, everything has to be spot on or you miss out on potential offers. We know how to reach every buyer as well as get them to come see your property - if they don’t see it, they can’t buy it.


Seamless Performance

Selling your home or investment property doesn't have to be stressful. Our clients often comment on how their friends always complained about how off-putting the process of selling was... "But it was easy with you guys."


The Real Estate Insider for Sellers

All the questions you want answered and critical inside information you need to make the good decisions about the sale of your property from one of the most respected teams in the industry.

About Our Real Estate Insider Video Series

What is the Money Shot and How Can it Bring More Buyers?

What it is Buyer Profiling and How Does it Bring Better Buyers?

Seller Testimonials

Straight talk from real clients on why they love KRG

Dean C.
Seller Testimonial

Boku And Donna
Buyer/Seller Testimonial

Buyer/Seller Testimonial

Valuation Consultation

With our extensive market experience we know how to price your property to position it for maximum return.


Request a Home Valuation Consultation

Cost for Sale Preparation:

Knowing what’s necessary to best prepare your property for sale is key to correct pricing and having an accurate timeline...

Getting Accurate Current Market Value:

Go online and you will find myriad examples of properties that are lingering on the market because they weren’t priced properly to start with...

Properly Timing Your Listing Date:

Listing at the right time will have big impact. Assessing competition and accounting for holidays and market conditions are key to maximum results...