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Exceptional Service & Better Rates

Can you really hire some of the best in the business and get Better Rates? With KRG you can.

Unlike all the recent startups who offer deep discounts on fees to make up for lack of service, we have had a business model that offers the highest level of service combined with reasonable rates from day one when we started so many years ago. The reason for our model is simple: with all the technological advances in recent years making it so much easier to do the business of Real Estate, we never understood why people should pay double just because prices went up.

“We have never looked to see what others are doing to mold our business model. With as much as you are going to be paying if you’re buying in the Bay Area you need the best you can get. We offer that and better rates."

You don’t have to go to a discount firm who doesn’t have much else to offer to get a good deal. We have always done business this way and are one of the most respected firms in the area. Why wouldn’t you?

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