Is Now the Right Time For You To Sell?

If you’re even thinking about selling, do yourself a favor and talk to us first.

You’ll be glad you did - there’s a reason why our seller clients love working with us so much…

Here are your first steps to making smart decisions about the sale:

Get Accurate Current Market Value: Go online and you will find myriad examples of properties that are lingering on the market because they weren’t priced properly to start with. There are a number of things that can lead to this, but a major reason for sellers getting less money is improper valuation. The main reason for this is failing to understand micro location economics. If you look at an entire neighborhood/zip code/area, you’re virtually assured of an inaccurate valuation. Click here to see how do this. (link to video about proper pricing – tbd)

“We understand that selling your real estate can be the biggest and most important transaction of your life. That’s why we treat every client’s sale like we were selling our own property, and it pays off for our clients big time."

Understanding Cost to Prepare:There are certain steps necessary to maximize value that can include upgrades, repairs, remodeling, staging, cleaning, & more. We work with all budgets to help you get the most for your money with the least outlay of time and money and have connections to all the people you might need to get it done.

Properly Timing Your Listing Date: Although Real Estate is pretty much a year round sport in the Bay Area, coming to market at the optimum time will increase the likelihood of more offers and higher price. For example, many agents don’t list places in the summer because, “it’s slow.” We beg to differ. One of the smartest moves you can make is listing when there’s little or no competition.


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